Leadership Resources Intro

Use this map, made possible with support from the Hunt Alternatives Fund, to locate state-based and national resources for women interested in elected or appointed office or work on political campaigns. Click on a state to find leadership development and campaign training programs, political action committees, and organizations and programs committed to supporting and encouraging women in politics.

Need more ideas on how to get involved? Check out the Women's Definitive Guide to Getting Political by CAWP associate director Jean Sinzdak.

If you know of other organizations to add to our list or have updates to our information, please contact Chelsea Hill.

Program Name State Party Program Description
California Women's Leadership Association PAC CA Rep The CWLA Political Action Committee is a separate 527 organization that endorses and financially supports candidates for state and local office, with...
California Women's List CA Dem

Founded in 2002, California List works to protect Democratic women incumbents facing tough re-elections and recruits strong candidates to run for...

California Women's List CA Dem

Founded in 2002, California List works to protect Democratic women incumbents facing tough re-elections and recruits strong candidates to run for...

California Women's List CA Dem

Founded in 2002, California List works to protect Democratic women incumbents facing tough re-elections and recruits strong candidates to run for...

California Women's Political Caucus CA Nonpartisan

The National Womens Poliltical Caucus of California works to increase womens participation in the political process and to identify, recruit,...

Campaign Management Institute
Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies, American University
DC Nonpartisan

The Campaign Management Institute (CMI) at American University trains individuals for participation in local, state and federal political...

Campaign Management School
The Leadership Institute
VA Rep

Founded in 1979, the Leadership Institute’s mission is to increase the number and effectiveness of conservative activists and leaders in the...

Campaign Management School
National Federation of Republican Women
National Rep

The National Federation for Republican Women pursues its longtime objective for political education by training Republicans to win elections...

Campaign Management Training Seminar
Arkansas Farm Bureau
AR Nonpartisan

The Arkansas Farm Bureau offers a campaign management training titled "How to Win a Campaign" for candidates for public office, their spouses and...

Campaign Management Training Seminar
Indiana Farm Bureau
IN Nonpartisan

The Indiana Farm Bureau offers a campaign management training for candidates for public office, their spouses and campaign managers, as well as...

Campaign Management Training Seminar
Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation
NE Nonpartisan

The Nebraska Farm Bureau offers a biennial Campaign School for candidates for public office, their spouses and campaign managers, as well as...

Campaign Management Training Seminar
American Farm Bureau
National Nonpartisan

The American Farm Bureau provides its state-based partners with programmatic content for campaign training seminars for candidates, their spouses...

Campaign Management Workshop
Michigan Farm Bureau
MI Nonpartisan The Michigan Farm Bureau offers a Campaign Management Workshop for candidates for public office, their spouses and campaign managers, as well as...
Campaign School
New Hampshire Republican Party
NH Rep

The New Hampshire Republican Party holds campaign schools for filed candidates during each election cycle, including everything from voter vault...

Campaign School
Oklahoma Republican Party
OK Rep

The Oklahoma Republican Party holds campaign schools periodically, based on on the election cycle. These trainings are open to declared candidates...

Campaign School
FuturePAC-Oregon House Democracts
OR Dem

FuturePAC, the campaign committee for the House Democrats caucus of the Oregon Legislature, runs campaign trainings for Democrats throughout the...

Campaign School
Tennessee Republican Party
TN Rep The Tennessee Republican Party offers a two-day campaign school on a variety of issues for all candidates who have filed to run as Republicans in the...
Campaign Skills Seminars
Miami-Dade County Ethics Commissoin
FL Nonpartisan The Miami-Dade County Ethics Commission provides training sessions for declared candidates or those working on campaigns, addressing the Ethical...
Campaign Training
Illinois Democratic County Chairmen's Association
IL Dem

The Illinois Democratic County Chairmen's Association holds half-day training programs for campaign workers, local candidates, and people who are...

Campaign Training
Michigan Democratic Party
MI Dem

The Michigan Democratic Party offers in-person trainings focused on leadership training and issues related to campaigning for state House and...

Campaign Training
New Mexico Democratic Party
NM Dem

The New Mexico Democratic Party runs both comprehensive and single-focus trainings throughout the year. Trainings, which cover topics like vote...

Campaign Training
Pennsylvania Democratic Party
PA Dem

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party runs several trainings throughout the year on a variety of topics related to campaigning, including finances,...

Campaign Training
Rhode Island Republican Party
RI Rep

The Rhode Island Republican Party holds campaign trainings during election years, varying in topic and focus.  Trainings are offered for...

Campaign Training
Texas Republican Party
TX Rep

The Texas Republican Party provides campaign training throughout Texas upon request. One to two hour trainings can be scheduled for groups or...

Campaign Training
Wyoming Democratic Party
WY Dem

The Wyoming Democratic Party runs multiple trainings each year for potential and current candidates, typically half-day sessions covering a...

Campaign Training
Lillian's List
NC Dem Founded in 1998, Lillian's List is an independent political committee dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic women to the North Carolina General...
Campaign Training and Assistance
Colorado Farm Bureau
CO Nonpartisan

The Colorado Farm Bureau periodically assists members interested in running for a public office by hosting candidate training sessions where...

Campaign Training Program
Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, University of Virginia
VA Nonpartisan The Sorensen Institute's Candidate Training Program (CTP) is an intensive, four-day program focused on the fundamentals of a winning campaign for...
Campaign Training Seminars
Campaigns and Elections Magazine
DC Nonpartisan

Campaigns & Elections magazine offers non-partisan campaign training seminars throughout the year for students and volunteer campaign...

Campaign Trainings
American Majority
AR Nonpartisan

Founded in 2008, American Majority is a national non-profit, nonpartisan training institute with national headquarters in Purcellville, VA and...

Campaign Trainings
Colorado Democratic Party
CO Dem

The Colorado Democratic party  provides campaign trainings at least once per year, often in conjunction with elections and party re-organization....

Campaign Trainings
Connecticut Democrats
CT Dem

The Connecticut Democratic Party offers as-needed candidate training programs, typically one day,  that provide preparation and knowledge to...

Campaign Trainings
Republican Party of Connecticut
CT Rep

The Republican Party of Connecticut provides campaign training for GOP candidates and staffers running for office or preparing for future bids...

Campaign Trainings
Delaware Democratic Party
DE Dem

The Delaware Democratic Party provides a day-long training about once a month for already-declared Democratic candidates and their staffs. The...

Campaign Trainings
Georgia Democratic Party
GA Dem

The Georgia Democratic Party offers trainings during election years to campaign practitioners and declared candidates running on the Democratic...

Campaign Trainings
Hawaii Republican Party
HI Rep

The Hawaii Republican Party holds periodic trainings on topics including finance, communications, fundraising, grassroots, and campaign management...

Campaign Trainings
Idaho Republican Party
ID Rep

The Idaho Republican Party holds two-day campaign trainings to assist declared Republican candidates for office once every two years before...

Campaign Trainings
Maryland Democratic Party
MD Dem

The Maryland Democratic Party runs annual regional summits on various campaign-related topics, open to all Maryland Democrats.

Campaign Trainings
Maryland Republican Party
MD Rep

The Maryland Republican Party holds trainings about once a month on campaign-related topics. Training content and participants vary, with some...

Campaign Trainings
Minnesota Republican Party
MN Rep

The Minnesota Republican Party holds periodic candidate trainings that are posted on the MN GOP website as scheduled, in addition to other...

Campaign Trainings
Tennessee Democratic Party
TN Dem

The Tennessee Democratic Party runs campaign trainings throughout the year. Open to any Tennessee Democrat, they cover a variety of topics and are...

Campaign Trainings
Utah Democratic Party
UT Dem

The Utah Democratic Party holds campaign trainings providing campaign guidance and materials for all those running for office on the Utah...

Campaign Trainings
Vermont Republican Party
VT Rep

The Vermont Republican Party holds campaign trainings for candidates filed with the Republican Party during election years. Individuals...

Campaign Trainings
Washington State Republican Party
WA Rep

The Washington Republican Party holds campaign trainings at least once a year, open to any Republican within the state. Trainings are typically...

Campaign Trainings
Wisconsin Republican Party
WI Rep

The Wisconsin Republican Party runs trainings every few months. Information and schedules for these day-long trainings are provided through the...

Campaign Workshops
West Virginia Democratic Party
WV Dem The West Virginia Democratic Party runs a campaign workshop at least once a year open to any West Virginia Democrat. Information is provided through...
Campaign/Candidate Training
Texas Democratic Party
TX Dem The Texas Democratic Party runs campaign and candidate trainings several times a year that vary in topic and length. Some trainings are open to all...
Candidate 101 Training
Annie's List
TX Dem

The program is tailored for progressive, Democratic women who are considering a run for elective office at any level. The trainings are full-day,...

Candidate Boot Camp National Nonpartisan

Candidate Boot Camp offers online candidate training and free resources for those considering running for office. 

Candidate School
Operation Clean Government
RI Nonpartisan

Operation Clean Governments Candidate School has offered a non-partisan educational seminar in Rhode Island every election year since 2002....