New Jersey's Bipartisan Coalition for Women

Interested in being considered for a state appointment?

The Coalition is not currently accepting resumés for its talent bank. Instead, you are encouraged to submit your resumé directly to the Governor's office. Governor Chris Christie is accepting resumés via his web site at

The Center for American Women and Politics continues to track the numbers of women appointed to the Cabinet and other key boards and commissions.

Need more information about serving in appointed office or the Bipartisan Coalition's role?

About BCWA

The New Jersey Bipartisan Coalition for Women’s Appointments (BCWA) is a statewide, bipartisan group of prominent women and organizations convened in years when there is an open seat for governor. BCWA convened for the first time in 1981. The purpose of BCWA is to ensure the placement of women in key positions throughout state government. Specifically, the goals of the New Jersey Bipartisan Coalition for Women's Appointments (BCWA) are:

  • to create the expectation within both major parties and the campaigns of their gubernatorial candidates that women will be included in significant state government positions in even greater numbers than in any past administration at every level of appointment – from cabinet positions to unpaid boards and commissions.
  • to create a “talent bank” of resumes from New Jersey women interested in being considered for appointments in the next administration.

If you would like to learn more about the Coalition or the Center's work on women's appointments, contact Jean Sinzdak.