The Legacy Project

Honoring the lifetime achievements of pioneering women and men who invest in the future of women's leadership.
Barbara Callaway Endowed Fellowship
CAWP Founders Fund honoring Ruth B. Mandel and Ida F.S. Schmertz
Katherine E. Kleeman Legacy Fund
Ethel Klein Legacy Fund
Phyllis Kornicker Legacy Fund
Gilda M. Morales Legacy Fund
Katherine K. Neuberger Legacy Fund
Joanne H. Rajoppi Legacy Fund
Loretta Weinberg Legacy Fund
Susan N. Wilson Legacy Fund

CAWP General Support

Marianne E. Alexander
Phyllis Alroy
Katherine Benesch
Sharon Weston Broome
Judith C. Chirlin
Dorothy A. Corbett
Dolores T. Corona
Courage to Run 
Joan A. Crowley
Joseph G. Dittmar 
Zulima V. Farber
Gail Ferrarella
Dale Florio
Kathie R. Florsheim
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation
Susan Gerard
Irwin N. Gertzog
Patricia "Pan" Godchaux
Karen Stark Hild
Coline Jenkins
Vinita Jethwani
Grace Kaminkowitz
Sudha Tiwari Kantor
Michael B. Kates
Ilene and Gary Katz
Maurice D. Lee, Jr.
Barret Mandel
Ruth B. Mandel
Melonie Marano
Candace S. McCoy
The McIntosh Foundation
Dianne A. McKay
Katharine Moffly
Edith D. Neimark
Irene F. Pearse
Joy Picus
Marnie S. Pillsbury
Eva M. Pusateri
Margaret Reier
Limor Schafman
Mark A. Schulman
Nanette Shaw
Jean M. Sinzdak
Eleanor M. Smeal
Catharine R. Stimpson
Robin Suydam
Nikki Y. Taussig
Mary Todd
Susanne E. Vandenbosch
Teresa Boyle Vellucci
Deborah L. Walsh
Eleanor Winslow
Jean Zukin

2019 Women of Power Host Committee

  Coming soon! New list in formation. 

Ready to Run® New Jersey


Ready to Run® National Expansion

The Compass Bracelet Project LLC on behalf of Sandra Lewis and Sue Parham

Research Partnerships

Barbara Lee Family Foundation

Higher Heights for America 
Women's Funding Alliance of WA

Teach a Girl to Lead

The Hess Foundation and The Honorable Constance H. Williams 
Major Program Support

Mary Todd