2012 National Presidential Exit Poll

Below are exit poll results conducted by Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International highlighting findings on gender.

The Gender Gap: The difference between the percentages of women and men who support a given candidate, generally the leading or winning candidate. Even if women and men favor the same candidate, they may do so by different margins, resulting in a gender gap. We calculate the gender gap for each poll based on the votes of women and men who support the candidate leading in that poll.
   Example: [%Women for Leading Candidate][%Men for Leading Candidate] = Gender Gap

The Women's Vote: The percentage point advantage that one candidate has over the other among women voters – that is, the difference in support for the major party candidates among women voters only.
   Example: [%Women for Obama][%Women for Romney] = Women's Vote

* Exit Polls were only conducted in 31 states.

Poll Date in Field Overall Results Gender Gap
Women's Vote
Women for Romney
Men for Romney
Women for Obama
Men for Obama
National Exit Poll 11/06 Obama  51%
Romney 47%
10 pts. +11% Obama 44% 52% 55% 45%


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