Ready to Run
New Jersey

ELLA Wins (Elections & Leadership Latina Academy)

Photo montage of speakers and participants at ELLA Wins conference

CAWP together with a steering committee of leaders in the Latina community, sponsor ELLA Wins (Elections & Leadership Latina Academy), a pre-conference session of the New Jersey Ready to Run® Campaign Training for Women. ELLA Wins participants attend a half-day session that targets issues of particular interest to Latinas running for political office.  ELLA Wins participants then attend Ready to Run® the next day to learn about the nuts and bolts of working on a campaign.  

Ready to Run® offers a unique opportunity for potential women candidates to hear directly from prominent elected and appointed leaders, campaign consultants, and party officials about how to get Ready to Run®.  Topics covered include fundraising, navigating the political parties, working with the media, and developing a campaign plan.  More details on Ready to Run®.

ELLA Wins Steering Committee

(Affiliations listed for identification purposes only.)

Grissele Camacho
Latina Civic PAC
Andrea Martinez-Mejia
Latina Civic Foundation
Milagros Camacho
Latina Civic Action 
Laura Matos
MAD Global Strategy
Patricia Campos Medina
Latina Civic Action
Arlene Quiñones Perez
DeCotiis, FitzPatrick, Cole & Giblin, LLP
Maria Del Cid
Latina Civic Foundation
Christina Pinzon-Coll
Stateside Affairs
Zulima Farber, Esq. 
Latina Civic PAC
Gloria Soto, Esq. 
Lucía Gómez
NYC Labor Council and Latina Civic PAC