Women in Statewide Elective Executive Office 2018

Current Statewide Elective Executive
(28D, 44R, 1NP, 1Ind)
23.8% of 311 seats

Total count for women statewide elective executive officeholders does not include: officials in appointive state cabinet-level positions; officials elected to executive posts by the legislature; officials elected as commissioners or board members from districts rather than statewide; members of the judicial branch; or elected members of university Boards of Trustees or Boards of Education.

NP = non-partisan

Statewide Elective Executives by Race and Ethnicity

*Women who self-identify as more than one race/ethnicity are included on CAWP pages for each group with which they identify. We strongly caution against adding totals from each racial/ethnic group should, as it will double count officeholders. 

Of the 74 current women statewide elective executives:

  • 1 identifies as Asian American/Pacific Islander
  • 3 identify as Black
  • 4 identify as Latina
  • 1 identifies as Native American/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian 
  • 65 identify as white

Current Statewide Elective Executives by Position

Kate Brown, an Oregon Democrat, became governor in 2015 after the elected governor resigned. She served as secretary of state from 2009 until her succession to governor. She served in the Oregon House of Representatives and Oregon State Senate, becoming senate majority leader.

Mary Fallin, an Oklahoma Republican, was elected to an open sear to become the state's first woman governor in 2010 and reelected in 2014. She served as U.S. Representative from 2007-2011. She was lieutenant governor from 1995 to 2007 and served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 1990 to 1994.

Kay Ivey, an Alabama Republican, was lieutenant governor and became governor when the elected governor resigned. She was elected state treasurer in 2002 and re-elected in 2006; she won office as lieutenant governor in 2010 and was re-elected in 2014.

Susana Martinez, a New Mexico Republican, was elected to an open seat to become the state's first woman governor in 2010 and reelected in 2014. She was elected the Dona Ana County District Attorney, serving from 1996 to 2009. A Latina, she was one of the first two women of color to serve as governors.

Gina Raimondo, a Rhode Island Democrat, won an open seat to become the state's first woman governor in 2014. She served as general treasurer from 2011-2015.

Kim Reynolds, an Iowa Republican, served as lieutenant governor from 2011 until 2017. She became governor when the incumbent was appointed U.S. ambassador to China. Prior to her election as lieutenant governor, she served in the Iowa State Senate and as Clarke County treasurer.

Lieutenant Governor
(5D, 7R, 1Ind)
Name Party Year(s) Served State
Suzanne Crouch R 2017-present Indiana
Valerie J. Davidson Ind 2018-2018 Alaska
Michelle L. Fischbach R 2018-2018 Minnesota
Bethany A. Hall-Long D 2017-present Delaware
Jenean Hampton R 2016-2019 Kentucky
Kathy C. Hochul D 2015-2021 New York
Rebecca Kleefisch R 2011-2018 Wisconsin
Donna Lynne D 2016-2018 Colorado
Sheila Y. Oliver D 2018-2023 New Jersey
Karyn E. Polito R 2015-2022 Massachusetts
Evelyn Sanguinetti R 2015-2018 Illinois
Mary Taylor R 2011-2018 Ohio
Nancy Wyman D 2011-2018 Connecticut
Attorney General
(5D, 3R)
Name Party Year(s) Served State
Pamela J. Bondi R 2011-2018 Florida
Cynthia H. Coffman R 2015-2018 Colorado
Maura Healey D 2015-2022 Massachusetts
Lisa Madigan D 2003-2018 Illinois
Ellen F. Rosenblum D 2012-present Oregon
Leslie Rutledge R 2015-2022 Arkansas
Lori R. Swanson D/DFL 2007-2018 Minnesota
Barbara D. Underwood D 2018-2018 New York
Secretary of State
(5D, 6R)
Name Party Year(s) Served State
Barbara K. Cegavske R 2015-2022 Nevada
Nellie M. Gorbea D 2015-2022 Rhode Island
Alison Grimes D 2012-2019 Kentucky
Ruth Johnson R 2011-2018 Michigan
Shantel Krebs R 2015-2018 South Dakota
Connie Lawson R 2012-2021 Indiana
Elaine Folk Marshall D 1997-present North Carolina
Denise W. Merrill D 2011-2022 Connecticut
Michele Reagan R 2015-2018 Arizona
Maggie Toulouse Oliver D 2016-present New Mexico
Kim Wyman R 2013-2021 Washington
State Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer
(3D, 5R)
Name Party Year(s) Served State
Allison J. Ball R 2016-2023 Kentucky
Lynn Fitch R 2012-2019 Mississippi
Deborah B. Goldberg D 2015-present Massachusetts
Eileen I. Klein R 2018-2018 Arizona
Kelly M. Mitchell R 2015-2022 Indiana
Denise L. Nappier D 1999-2018 Connecticut
Elizabeth A. Pearce D 2011-2022 Vermont
Kelly L. Schmidt R 2005-2020 North Dakota
State Auditor
(5D, 4R)
Name Party Year(s) Served State
Suzanne M. Bump D 2011-2022 Massachusetts
Cynthia I. Cloud R 2011-2018 Wyoming
Nicole Galloway D 2015-2022 Missouri
Tera K. Klutz R 2017-2023 Indiana
Andrea D. Lea R 2015-2022 Arkansas
Patrice McCarthy D 2017-present Washington
Mary Mosiman R 2013-2018 Iowa
Rebecca Otto D/DFL 2007-2018 Minnesota
Beth A. Wood D 2009-2023 North Carolina
State Comptroller/Controller
Name Party Year(s) Served State
Susana A. Mendoza D 2017-present Illinois
Betty T. Yee D 2015-2022 California
Superintendent of Public Instruction
(7R, 1NP)

(note: title varies from state to state)

Name Party Year(s) Served State
Elsie M. Arntzen R 2017-present Montana
Kirsten Baesler NP 2013-present North Dakota
Jillian Balow R 2015-2022 Wyoming
Diane Douglas R 2015-2018 Arizona
Joy L. Hofmeister R 2015-2021 Oklahoma
Jennifer McCormick R 2017-2020 Indiana
Molly M. Spearman R 2015-2022 South Carolina
Sherri Ybarra R 2015-2022 Idaho
Commissioner of Labor
Name Party Year(s) Served State
Cherie Killian Berry R 2001-2020 North Carolina
Melissa McLawhorn Houston R 2015-2018 Oklahoma
Corporation Commissioner
Name Party Year(s) Served State
Dana L. Murphy R 2009-2022 Oklahoma
Public Service Commissioner
Name Party Year(s) Served State
Twinkle A. Cavanaugh R 2011-present Alabama
Julie Fedorchak R 2013-present North Dakota
Tricia R. Pridemore R 2018-present Georgia
Public Utilities Commissioner
Name Party Year(s) Served State
Kristie Fiegen R 2011-present South Dakota
Railroad Commissioner
Name Party Year(s) Served State
Christi L. Craddick R 2013-present Texas
Commissioner of Public Lands
Name Party Year(s) Served State
Hilary Franz D 2017-present Washington