Election Results: Texas Primaries Result in Potential Gains for Women

Data from the Center for American Women and Politics

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Primary elections were held yesterday in Texas, and the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP), a unit of the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University, is tracking results for women candidates in yesterday's contests. Full results are available on the Election Analysis page on the CAWP website, and, as many races remain too close to call, this page will update as contests are decided. Complete context about women in the 2022 elections, including candidate lists, summaries, and historical comparisons, are available via CAWP's Election Watch.

Among the most notable results thus far for women:

  • All 6 (4D, 2R) women incumbents running for re-election won their nominations and are currently favored to win in November.
  • In Texas’ 15th congressional district – an open seat created via reapportionment and redistricting – Monica De La Cruz (R) is the Republican nominee. Cook Political Report currently rates this general election contest as “Lean Republican.”
  • In Texas’ 28th congressional district, Jessica Cisneros (D) is in a runoff election against incumbent Representative Henry Cuellar (D) for the Democratic nomination. Cassy Garcia (R) is in the runoff election for the Republican nomination in that district, with the potential for an all-woman general election contest in a district currently rated as “Lean Democratic” by Cook Political Report.
  • Rochelle Garza (D) is in the runoff election for the Democratic nomination to compete against the winner of the Republican runoff election for Attorney General, which pits incumbent Attorney General Ken Paxton against George P. Bush. No woman has ever served as Attorney General of Texas. Garza would also be the first Latina to serve as Attorney General of Texas. 
  • Currently, 27 (16D, 11R) women are in House races that have yet to be called, and 7 (5D, 2R) women are in statewide elected executive contests that have yet to be called.

For more information, see the full analysis of how women fared in yesterday's contests on our Election Analysis page. Complete context about women in the 2022 elections can be found on CAWP's Election Watch.


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