Women's Political Power Map

Resources across the country for women interested in running for office, working on political campaigns, or holding appointive office. 

Map of the United States.

Locate state-based and national resources for women interested in elected or appointed office or work on political campaigns. Find leadership development and campaign training programs, political action committees, and organizations and programs committed to supporting and encouraging women in politics.

Need more ideas on how to get involved? Check out the Women's Definitive Guide to Getting Political by CAWP associate director Jean Sinzdak.

If you know of other organizations to add to our list or have updates to our information, please contact Chelsea Hill.

Program State(s) Party
Campaign Training Program

Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, University of Virginia

The Sorensen Institute's Candidate Training Program (CTP) is an intensive, four-day program focused on the fundamentals of a winning campaign for office. Participants explore the nuts and bolts of building a strong campaign from the ground upall within the context of ethics and principled public service. Applicants should be Virginia residents eligible for and considering a bid for office; many graduates have gone on to serve in elected office around the Commonwealth.

Virginia Nonpartisan
Campaign Training Seminars

Campaigns and Elections Magazine

Campaigns & Elections magazine offers non-partisan campaign training seminars throughout the year for students and volunteer campaign operatives from all over the U.S. The trainings cover necessary campaign skills as well as contacts that often translate into business opportunities. Begun in 1983, these seminars provide a forum for campaign professionals to share their knowledge and experiences and for participants to engage in industry-wide networking. Most are held in Washington, DC.

District of Columbia Nonpartisan
Campaign Trainings

American Majority

Founded in 2008, American Majority is a national non-profit, nonpartisan training institute with national headquarters in Purcellville, VA and state offices in Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Texas.  American Majority programs bring the expertise and knowledge-base of national politicos, campaign strategists, communication consultants, and seasoned organizers directly into local communities with four tracks of training: Candidate Training, Activist Training, Campus Majority, and the Fellowship Program. Each track offers a number of unique courses to prepare participants to run for office or work for campaigns or in politics. The calendar of scheduled trainings is available on the American Majority website. 

Arkansas Nonpartisan
Campaign Trainings

Connecticut Democrats

The Connecticut Democratic Party offers as-needed candidate training programs, typically one day,  that provide preparation and knowledge to campaign staff and/or individuals who have already declared their candidacy for public office.

Connecticut Dem
Campaign Trainings

Hawaii Republican Party

The Hawaii Republican Party holds a state convention every year. This two-day conference includes trainings on grassroots campaigning, running for state party officer, fundraising, campaign management, and others. 

Hawaii Rep
Campaign Trainings

Maryland Democratic Party

The Maryland Democratic Party, through a partnership with the DNC Best Practices Institute and National Democratic Training Committee offers four yearly trainings for candidates, prospective or otherwise.

Maryland Dem
Campaign Trainings

Minnesota Republican Party

The Minnesota Republican Party holds periodic candidate trainings that are posted on the MN GOP website as scheduled, in addition to other trainings for candidates and campaigns.  Individuals interested in running or learning more about the process can contact any member of the MN GOP's candidate search committee.

Minnesota Rep
Campaign Trainings

Utah Democratic Party

The Utah Democratic Party holds campaign trainings providing campaign guidance and materials for all those running for office on the Utah Democratic platform.

Utah Dem
Campaign Trainings

Vermont Republican Party

The Vermont Republican Party holds campaign trainings for candidates filed with the Republican Party during election years. Individuals considering running can call the Party to get  information from a party official. 

Vermont Rep
Campaign Trainings

Washington State Republican Party

The Washington Republican Party holds campaign trainings at least once a year, open to any Republican within the state. Trainings are typically one day long and focus on how to run a political campaign.

Washington Rep
Campaign Trainings

Wisconsin Republican Party

The Wisconsin Republican Party runs trainings every few months. Information and schedules for these day-long trainings are provided through the state's GOP headquarters.

Wisconsin Rep
Campaign Workshops

West Virginia Democratic Party

The West Virginia Democratic Party runs a campaign workshop at least once a year open to any West Virginia Democrat. Information is provided through the Party headquarters.

West Virginia Dem
Campaign/Candidate Training

Texas Democratic Party

The Texas Democratic Party runs campaign and candidate trainings several times a year that vary in topic and length. Some trainings are open to all Texas Democrats while others are open only to declared candidates or campaign staff.

Texas Dem
Candidate 101 Training

Annie's List

The program is tailored for progressive, Democratic women who are considering a run for elective office at any level. The trainings are full-day, in-depth workshops exploring the building blocks of campaign communication, fundraising, planning, media relations and grassroots activism needed to run a professional, competitive campaign.

Texas Dem
Candidate Boot Camp

Candidate Boot Camp offers online candidate training and free resources for those considering running for office. 

National Nonpartisan
Candidate Schools

Eleanor's Legacy

Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee (ELRC) Candidate Schools help women develop the skills they need to win elections. These day-long intensive training experiences across New York State enable potential candidates to formulate a campaign strategy specific to their race and individual goals.  Candidate Schools are open to all pro-choice Democratic women currently running for office or planning a future run. 

New York Dem
Candidate Training

North Dakota Democratic Party-NPL Headquarters

North Dakota Democratic Party offers trainings focused on leadership training and issues related to campaigning. For information about training, contact the ND Democratic state headquarters.

North Dakota Dem
Candidate Training


Founded in 1979, GOPAC is a national organization dedicated exclusively to electing Republicans to state and local offices.  The organization provides candidate and campaign training, primarily through online resources.

National Rep
Candidate Training

MI List

Founded in 2004, MI List is a statewide organization and donor network dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic women to the Michigan legislature and key local offices. MI List strategically recruits and supports pro-choice Democratic women to create a farm team of viable candidates to run for elected office; they coordinate campaign trainings with EMILY's List, a national PAC for pro-choice women.

Michigan Dem
Candidate Training

National Women's Political Caucus

NWPC hosts training programs to provide women with the skills needed to run campaigns as candidates, to serve as staff, and to be effective volunteers. 

California Nonpartisan