Fozia Janjua

Mayor, Township of Mount Laurel

Fozia Janjua, a trailblazer in local governance, has made history as the first Muslim and South Asian woman elected as Mayor for 2024. Her roots trace back to Pakistan, shaping her into a steadfast advocate for community service, instilled with the principles of diligence, education, and philanthropy by her immigrant parents. Though she grew up in San Francisco, her commitment to community welfare flourished far and wide.

Fozia's journey in public service is distinguished by her significant contributions across various boards, including the planning board, library board, and diversity board, reflecting her dedication to comprehensive community development. Her exceptional volunteerism was recognized in 2021 when she was honored with the prestigious Pertiguista Outstanding Women of Burlington County Award.

Her zeal for fostering community bonds extends beyond her public service roles. Fozia co-founded Community SJP, a non-profit organization committed to supporting the underprivileged by providing meals, school supplies, and warmth through blanket distributions to hospitals and shelters. Her personal life is as fulfilling as her professional one, shared with her husband Safeer and their four sons. Professionally, Fozia is nurturing the next generation as a first-grade teacher at Westfield Friends School, embodying her belief in the power of education and community support.