Josely Castro

Member, Plainfield Board of Education

Josely Castro made history in November 2020 by becoming the first elected Latina School Board member and the first Latina school board President for the Plainfield Public School District. Her election came at a critical time as the enrollment of Latinx students have been drastically increasing over the past years. She's dedicated to making a difference for the children in her community by understanding the challenges and collaboratively developing impactful solutions. Through meaningful relationships with the board, staff, community and students, under her direction, the board embarked on the development of long awaited strategies that positioned the school district for success.

Josely is a Plainfield native, software developer, Navy veteran, proud mother and a board member of Queen City Promise a non-profit dedicated to providing scholarships to underserved students that attend Plainfield public schools. She is passionate about progressive politics and empowering people from all backgrounds.