The Legacy Project

Honoring the lifetime achievements of pioneering women and men who invest in the future of women's leadership.
Susan N. Wilson NEW Leadership® New Jersey Legacy Fund
 Major Program Support
Barbara Callaway Endowed Fellowship
CAWP Founders Fund honoring Ruth B. Mandel and Ida F.S. Schmertz
Katherine E. Kleeman Legacy Fund
Ethel Klein Legacy Fund
Phyllis Kornicker Legacy Fund
Gilda M. Morales Legacy Fund
Katherine K. Neuberger Legacy Fund
Joanne H. Rajoppi Legacy Fund
Loretta Weinberg Legacy Fund

CAWP General Support

Kathleen D. Achille
Altria Group, Inc.
Marilyn K. Askin in memory of Ms. Andrea Askin
Ellen F. Ayoub
Lucy Davis Baruch in honor of Dr. Ruth B. Mandel
Nancy H. Becker
Alison R. Bell
Susan Boyle
Suzanne M. Bump
Barbara Callaway
Dorothy W. Cantor
Mary Ellen Capek in memory of Dr. Ruth B. Mandel
Susan J. Carroll in memory of Dr. Ruth B. Mandel
Renee Chanon
Cheryl Kandaras Chapman
Lisa Chauveron in honor of Ms. Sara J. Angevine
Judith C. Chirlin
Henry Alfred Coleman
Gino Conti
Dolores T. Corona
Marci Coyle in honor of Ms. Susan N. Wilson
Joan A. Crowley
Marianne DeAlessi
Elin F. Diamond
Kathleen O'Loughlin Dias
Joseph and Elizabeth Dittmar
Joseph V. Doria
Elsie Foster Dublin
Michael A. DuHaime
Sarah Dunn
Sue E. Errington
Zulima V. Farber
Dale J. Florio
Joseph Freedman
San Francisco Foundation on behalf of Eleanor Friedman
Linda J. Furney
Barbara M. Geiger-Parker
Philip Gerard
Irwin Gertzog
Patricia A.K. “Pan” Godchaux
Carol L. Golden in honor of Ms. Susan N. Wilson
Meryl A. Gonchar
Myeisha Greenwood
Arnold A. Grothues
Susan B. Hansen
Lisa R. Harris
Jean M. Harris
Nancy Hedinger
Mary Ellen Higgins
Harold L. Hodes
Carolyn Brown Hodge
Lisa Honig
Elizabeth D. Hutcheon
Joanna Hutchins in honor of Ms. Sara J. Angevine
Leila Jere in memory of Dr. Ruth B. Mandel
Vinita Jethwani
Phyllis Kahn
Grace Kaminkowitz
Melinda Raso Kirstein
Katherine E. Kleeman
Mary S. Knowles
Sheila L. Kremer in honor of Dr. Ruth B. Mandel
Thuy Anh Le
Susan S. Lederman
Maurice DuPont Lee, Jr.
Carole Leland
Karen A. Lipman
Judith Lutzy in honor of Ms. Rebecca Lutzy
Wendy Mackenzie
Linda Mahoney
Anna M. Mahoney in honor of Ms. Sara J. Angevine
Barrett J. Mandel
Ruth B. Mandel in honor of Ms. Deborah L. Walsh
Judith Manning
Melonie Marano
Michelle A. Mayer in honor of Professor Cliff Zukin
Christine McGrath
Thomas McKay
Scott L. McLean
Tanya M. Melich
Michelle Mercer and Bruce Golden
Leslie Anne Miller
Shelley Jacobs Mintz
Gayle Brill Mittler
Suzanne Moore
Gilda M. Morales in honor of Ms. Sara J. Angevine
Connie C. Murray in memory of Dr. Ruth B. Mandel
Carol Nechemias
Ferris Olin in memory of Dr. Ruth B. Mandel
Roxanne E. Parker in memory of Dr. Ruth B. Mandel
Joy N. Picus in memory of Dr. Ruth B. Mandel
Ingrid W. Reed
Margaret A. Reier
Eve Hart Rice
Barbara K. Roberts
Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber
Mary Beth Salerno
Alma Lee Saravia
Limor M. Schafman
Mark A. Schulman
Timothy P. Shanahan
Nanette Geltner Shaw
Barry A. Sherman
Susan Jane Siefkin
Jean M. Sinzdak
Eric W. Sleeper in honor of Mrs. Joanna W. Campanelli
Nathan Sleeper in memory of Dr. Ruth B. Mandel
Eleanor Smeal
Karen J. Stark-Hild
Judith M. Stern
Zachary J. Stewart
Catharine R. Stimpson
Colin Summers
Robin E. Suydam
Nikki Y. Taussig
Jacqueline D. Thomas
Jessica L. Thompson
Jennifer Varriale in honor of Ms. Sara J. Angevine
Amy L. Vojta
Paul Voltz
Deborah L. Walsh
Erin Wheeler
Carol L. Whitney in honor of Ms. Sara J. Angevine
Eleanor Winslow
Rachel S. Wolkowitz
Barbara W. Wright in memory of Dr. Dorothy J. DeMaio

2020 Women of Power Host Committee

Gold Dome
New Jersey Natural Gas Company
Rutgers University Department of External Affairs

Senate Chamber
Fairview Insurance Agency Associates, Inc.
Pre-K Our Way 
Southwest Airlines 

Assembly Chamber
Katherine E. Kleeman
Princeton Public Affairs Group

Association of Black Women Lawyers of New Jersey
Capital Health
CIS Management
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Girl Scouts of New Jersey
Gail B. Gordon
HC Constructors, Inc.
Insurance Council of New Jersey
Tina Liu Jen
Kaufman Zita Group, LLC 
New Jersey Association of Nurse Anesthetists
New Jersey Business and Industry Association 
New Jersey Education Association 
NJM Insurance Group
Planned Parenthood Action Fund of New Jersey
Candace Straight
Susan N. Wilson

Big Easy of Trenton LLC
DeCotiis, FitzPatrick, Cole & Giblin, LLP
John J. Farmer, Jr.
Flaster Greenberg, PC
Jeanne M. Fox
Brigid Callahan Harrison
Khyati Y. Joshi
KSBranigan Law P.C.
Jeannine LaRue
Amy Denholtz Lewandowski
Kay LiCausi
The Honorable Cindy Matute-Brown
McCarter & English, LLP
Patricia Campos Medina
Gilda M. Morales
Sue Nemeth
Phillips 66 – Bayway Refinery
Deborah Spitalnik
Bernice Proctor Venable
J. L. Weiner & Associates, LLC
Melanie L. Willoughby 
Women In Government

New Jersey Bipartisan Coalition for Women’s Appointments (BCWA) 2019 Appointments Report Card

Charlene Brown
Patricia Campos-Medina
DeCotiis, FitzPatrick Cole & Giblin, LLP
Sonia Delgado
Gibbons P.C.
Barbara George Johnson
Kaufman Zita Group, LLC
Kay E. LiCausi
Kelly Stewart Maer
Princeton Public Affairs Group

Research Partnerships

Higher Heights for America 

Teach a Girl to Lead®

The Hess Foundation and The Honorable Constance H. Williams 
Major Program Support

Comcast NBCUniversal
Major Support for National Conference of State Legislatures Workshop