Organizations for Women's Political Empowerment

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Organizations for Political Parity


The ReflectUS coalition envisions a United States where women’s political leadership reflects the populace—in elected and appointed positions, within parties and campaigns, and as legislative and executive staff—at all levels of influence, across all geographies, and representing our ideological, racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity.

Sisters Lead Sisters Vote

Sisters Lead Sisters Vote (SLSV) is currently conducting research to document the experience and needs of Black woman candidates and to document the historic leadership of Black women in the political space. Through this research, SLSV will document and share the unique needs of Black women candidates to better equip the organizations, parties and people, who seek to support them. This research will also aid Black women who are considering, planning, or running for office.

Women's Democracy Lab

The founders of Women’s Democracy Lab are reimagining a democracy where solutions are created, tested, and implemented by the people most directly affected by structural barriers and systems of oppression, including African, Arab, Asian, Black, Indigenous, immigrant and refugee, Latinx, multiracial, Native, Pacific Islander, LGBTQIA and Two Spirit women.

Generation Ratify

Generation Ratify is the youth-led movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and advance gender equality in the United States of America. Its mission is to build a coalition of young people across the country leading an intersectional feminist revolution that empowers and advocates for the full equality of young women, non-conforming, non-binary, femme, and Queer folx.

Vote Mama Foundation

Vote Mama Foundation is the leading source of research and analysis about the political participation of moms in the United States. Vote Mama Foundation's mission is to achieve gender equity by: breaking barriers that moms face when running for office; normalizing moms of young children running for office; and advocating for policies that allow working families to thrive.

Courage to Run

Courage to Run is the nation's premier, nonpartisan 5K series and leadership community committed to being healthy to lead effectively in civic life today. They believe that whether you are running a 5K or toward Election Day, it takes an elevated set of skills that strikingly resemble the "inner game" of an elite athlete: a winning mindset, resilience, vision, courage and care.

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