U.S. House Women Candidates, Nominees, and Winners By Seat Status and Party, 1976-2022

Data below presents the the number of women candidates, nominees, and winners for the U.S. House of Representatives by their seat status and party. This includes major party nominees for the general elections, and not those running in special elections. Independent candidates are included only if they win their races. These figures do not include Delegates to the House from Washington D.C. or other five territories. 


Includes Nikema Williams (D-GA) who replaced John Lewis on the General Election ballot.

Joanne Emerson is an Independent candidate that is included in these numbers because she won the general election and went on to serve as a Republican.

Does not include Brenda Jones in (D-MI) who won a special election that coincided with the regular primary for a partial term (November-January).

Ann Tamlyn (D-MD) won her primary race but dropped out before the general election due to health issues. She was replaced on the ballot. Therefore, she is not counted as a nominee. 

5 Joy Padgett (R-OH) withdrew before the primary. Because her name still appeared on the ballot, she's included in the filed number but not in the winner/loser numbers. Because of a vacancy in the party nomination. Padgett was able to run in the general and is counted as a nominee. Stephanie Studebaker (D-OH) won her primary but withdrew before the general election. Therefore, she is not counted as a nominee.

Crystal C. Biggs (D-MS) won her primary but withdrew before the general election.

Melissa Gilbert (D- MI) withdrew from the Democratic primary contesting Michigan's 8th congressional district before the primary election, but appeared unopposed on the primary election ballot. She is not counted among the winners here and was replaced in the general election by Susanna Shkreli (D). 

8 Includes Aja Brown (D-CA), who unofficially withdrew before the primary but won the nomination and will appear on the general election ballot. Also, includes April Freeman (D-FL) who won their nomination but passed away before the general election and was replaced on the ballot. We do include Anya Tynio (R-VT) who lost the primary but then was appointed after the original nominee withdrew. 

Includes Marianette Miller-Meeks (R-IA) who was seated provisionally in the U.S. House while election results are under House review. 

10 Historical fact sheets only date back to 1990 for the total filed candidates list.