Women Congressional Candidates 1974-2020

Summary of Women Candidates for Office
Historical numbers (by year and party) of women running for U.S. Congress, selected statewide elective executive office, and state legislatures.

Women Candidates for U.S. Congress 1974-2020
Numbers of women (major party candidates) nominees for U. S. Senate and U. S. House candidates, and winners (listed by seat status).

Woman vs. Woman Races - Congressional and Gubernatorial Races
List of races by year with woman versus woman candidates. 

Women Primary Candidates for U.S. Congress - Total Filed 1992-2020
Numbers of women (major party candidates) who filed, who won, and lost primaries.

Women Nominees for U.S. Congress by State and Year 2000-2020
Numbers of women primary winners for U.S. Congress listed by state, year, and party.

Women Candidates for U.S. House Seats 1976-2020
Graph of number of women candidates for U.S. House, by year, party, and seat status.

Women Winners for U.S. House Seats 1976-2020 (by seat status)
Graph of number of women winners for U.S. House, by year and seat status.