Women in New Jersey Government 2022

Current Congress
14.3% of 14 seats
U.S. Senate
0% of 2 seats
U.S. House
16.7% of 12 seats
Historic Congress
(4D, 3R)
U.S. Senate

New Jersey has never sent a woman to the U.S. Senate.

U.S. House
(4D, 3R)
Congress - Current and Historic
Name Party Year(s) Served
Mikie Sherrill D 2019-present
Bonnie Watson Coleman D 2015-present
Marge Roukema R 1981-2002
Millicent Fenwick R 1975-1982
Helen S. Meyner D 1975-1978
Florence P. Dwyer R 1967-1972
Florence P. Dwyer R 1957-1966
Mary Teresa Norton D 1925-1950
Statewide Elective Executive
50% of 2 seats

In 2018, Sheila Oliver (D) took office as New Jersey's second lieutenant governor. She is the first woman of color and the first Black woman elected to statewide office in NJ. In New Jersey, the governor and lieutenant governor, elected together, are the only statewide elected officials. Christine Todd Whitman, New Jersey’s first (and to date, only) woman governor, served from 1994-2001.

Governor's Cabinet
52% of 25 seats

Number includes the women currently serving in Governor Phil Murphy's cabinet.

Women Members of Governor Murphy's Cabinet
Name Position Year(s) Active
Sheila Oliver Community Affairs Commissioner 1/17/18-present
Elizabeth Muoio State Treasurer 4/13/18-present
Tahesha Way Secretary of State 2/9/18-present
Marlene Caride Banking & Insurance Commissioner 6/26/18-present
Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti Transportation Commissioner 6/20/18-present
Catherine McCabe Environmental Protection Commissioner 6/19/18-present
Carole Johnson Human Service Commissioner 4/3/18-present
Christine Norbut Beyer Commissioner of Children and Families 6/20/18-present
Sue Fulton Motor Vehicle Commission Chair 4/19/18-present
Deirdre Webster Cobb Civil Service Commission Chair 4/13/18-present
Beth Noveck Chief Innovation Officer 8/13/18-present
Judith Persichilli Health Commissioner 8/5/19-present
Lisa J. Hou Interim Adjutant General 10/16/20-present
Angelica Allen-McMillan Acting Education Commissioner 10/20/20-present
Sarah Adelman Acting Human Services Commissioner 1/16/21-present
Laurie Doran Acting Director of Homeland Security 6/4/21-present
Catherine McCabe Environmental Protection Commissioner 6/19/18-1/15/21
Carole Johnson Human Service Commissioner 4/3/18-1/15/21
Zakiya Smith Ellis Higher Education Secretary 6/17/18-7/5/20
State Legislature
(27D, 14R)
34.2% of 120 seats

New Jersey ranks 17th among the 50 states in the proportion of women serving in its legislature. Women of color make up 53.7% of all women in the New Jersey legislature: 60.0% of women in the Senate and 51.6% of women in the Assembly.

State Senate
(7D, 3R)
25% of 40 seats
State Assembly
(20D, 11R)
38.8% of 80 seats
Current Women Members of the Legislature
Name Party Position Race/Ethnicity Dates Served
Linda Carter D State Representative Black 2018-present
Annette Chaparro D State Representative Latina 2016-present
Kristin Corrado R State Senator White 2017-present
Nilsa Cruz-Perez D State Senator Latina 2014-present
Sandra B. Cunningham D State Senator Black 2007-present
DeAnne DeFuccio R State Representative White 2021-present
Aura K. Dunn R State Representative White 2019-present
Kimberly Eulner R State Representative White 2022-present
Vicky Flynn R State Representative White 2022-present
Nia H. Gill D State Senator Black 2002-present
DiAnne C. Gove R State Representative White 2009-present
Linda R. Greenstein D State Senator White 2010-present
Shama A. Haider D State Representative Asian American/Pacific Islander 2022-present
Sadaf Jaffer D State Representative Asian American/Pacific Islander 2022-present
Mila M. Jasey D State Representative Black 2007-present
Angelica M. Jimenez D State Representative Latina 2012-present
Pamela R. Lampitt D State Representative White 2006-present
Yvonne Lopez D State Representative Latina 2018-present
Michelle Matsikoudis R State Representative White 2022-present
Bethanne McCarthy Patrick R State Representative White 2022-present
Angela V. McKnight D State Representative Black 2016-present
Gabriela M. Mosquera D State Representative Latina 2012-present
Nancy F. Munoz R State Representative White 2009-present
Carol Murphy D State Representative White 2018-present
Ellen Park D State Representative Asian American/Pacific Islander 2022-present
Eliana Pintor Marin D State Representative White 2013-present
Marilyn J. Piperno R State Representative White 2022-present
Nellie Pou D State Senator Latina 2012-present
Annette Quijano D State Representative Latina 2008-present
Verlina Reynolds-Jackson D State Representative Black 2018-present
M. Teresa Ruiz D State Senator Latina 2008-present
Beth Sawyer R State Representative White 2022-present
Holly T. Schepisi R State Senator White 2021-present
Shanique Speight D State Representative Black 2018-present
Jean Stanfield R State Senator White 2022-present
Shavonda E. Sumter D State Representative Black 2012-present
Lisa Swain D State Representative White 2018-present
Claire Swift R State Representative White 2022-present
Britnee Timberlake D State Representative Black 2018-present
Cleopatra G. Tucker D State Representative Black 2008-present
Shirley K. Turner D State Senator Black 1998-present
Legislative Leadership

Sheila Y. Oliver (D), served as speaker of the Assembly from 2011-2013. Oliver is only the second Black woman in the nation to serve as a speaker of a lower house. One woman previously served as speaker of the New Jersey Assembly. Marion West Higgins (R) became speaker in 1965, only the third woman in the nation to be speaker of a state house. She served as acting governor on occasion when Governor Richard Hughes traveled out of state.

Name Position
Loretta Weinberg (D-37) Majority Leader
M. Teresa Ruiz (D-29) President Pro Tempore
Linda R. Greenstein (D-14) Assistant Majority Leader
Sandra B. Cunningham (D-31) Deputy Majority Leader
Kristin Corrado (R-40) Republican Conference Leader
Name Position
Annette Quijano (D-20) Majority Conference Leader
Pamela R. Lampitt (D-6) Deputy Speaker
Mila M. Jasey (D-27) Deputy Speaker
Valerie Vaineri Huttle (D-37) Deputy Speaker
Angelica M. Jimenez (D-32) Deputy Speaker
Nancy Pinkin (D-18) Deputy Speaker Pro Tempore
Carol A. Murphy (D-7) Deputy Majority Leader
Verlina Reynolds-Jackson (D-15) Deputy Majority Leader
Joann Downey (D-11) Parliamentarian
Linda S. Carter (D-22) Deputy Whip
Nancy F. Munoz (R-21) Republican Conference Leader
Serena DiMaso (R-13) Deputy Republican Whip
BettyLou DeCroce (R-26) Deputy Republican Leader
Holly T. Schepisi (R-39) Deputy Republican Leader
Committee Chairs
Name Committee
Nellie Pou (D-35) Commerce
Nilsa Cruz Perez (D-5) Economic Growth
M. Teresa Ruiz (D-29) Education
Sandra B. Cunningham (D-31) Higher Education
Linda Greenstein (D-14) Law and Public Safety
Name Committee
Eliana Pintor Marin (D-2) Budget
Shavonda Sumter (D-35) Community Development Affairs
Pamela Lampitt (D-6) Education
Nancy J. Pinkin (D-18) Environment and Solid Waste
Mila M. Jasey (D-27) Higher Education
Angela McKnight (D-31) Homeland Security and State Preparedness
Joann Downey (D-11) Human Services
Cleopatra G. Tucker (D-28) Military and Veterans Affairs
Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-37) Senior Services
Gabriela M. Mosquera (D-4) Women and Children
County Executive

Among the five counties in New Jersey that elect executives, no woman currently holds that title.

County Commissioners
(34D, 13R)
34.8% of 135 seats

Five women serve as commissioner chairs, directors or presidents. Women serve as commissioners in 20 of the state’s 21 counties. The county with no women commissioners is Salem.

Eight Black women (Cooper, Garretson, Graham, Hopson, McCullum, Pearson, Robinson, and Williams), eight Latinas (Aponte-Lipski, Azcona-Barber, Cedeno, Leon, Ortiz, Carmen Rodriguez, Caridad Rodriguez, and Sooey) and one Asian American/Pacific Islander woman (Narra) currently serve as commissioners.

Name and Party County
Caren Fitzpatrick (D) Atlantic
Amy L. Gatto (R) Atlantic
Maureen Kern (R), Chair Atlantic
Mary Amoroso (D) Bergen
Germaine M. Ortiz (D) Bergen
Joan Voss (D) Bergen
Tracy Silna Zur (D), Chair Bergen
Felicia Hopson (D) Burlington
Melinda Kane (D) Camden
Carmen Rodriguez (D) Camden
E. Marie Hayes (R) Cape May
Darlene Barber (D) Cumberland
Carol Musso (D) Cumberland
Donna Pearson (D) Cumberland
Tyshammie L. Cooper (D) Essex
Romaine Graham (D) Essex
Patricia Sebold (D) Essex
Heather Simmons (D) Gloucester
Yraida Aponte Lipski (D) Hudson
Fanny Cedeno (D) Hudson
Caridad Rodriguez (D) Hudson
Susan Soloway (D) Hunterdon
Kristin L. McLaughlin (D) Mercer
Nina Melker (D), Chair Mercer
Lucylle Walter (D) Mercer
Clary Azcona Barber (D) Middlesex
Leslie Koppel (D) Middlesex
Chanelle Scott McCullum (D) Middlesex
Shanti Narra (D) Middlesex
Lillian G. Burry (R) Monmouth
Susan M. Kiley (R) Monmouth
Kathryn A. DeFillippo (R) Morris
Deborah Smith (R) Morris
Bobbi Jo Crea (R) Ocean
Virginia Haines (R) Ocean
Cassandra Lazzara (D) Passaic
Melonie Marano (D) Somerset
Shanel Robinson (D), Director Somerset
Sara Sooey (D) Somerset
Dawn Fantasia (R) Sussex
Sylvia Petillo (R) Sussex
Angela Garretson (D) Union
Bette Jane Kowalski (D) Union
Lourdes M. Leon (D) Union
Kimberly Palmieri Mouded (D) Union
Rebecca Williams (D), Chair Union
Lori Ciesla (R) Warren
County Constitutional Officers
(13D, 7R)
30.8% of 65 seats

These women officials include: 11 county clerks, 1 sheriff and 8 surrogates.

Three Black women (Ireland-Imhof, Jalloh, Scott) and two Latinas (Cassanova, Cortes) currently serve in county constitutional offices.

County Clerks
Name County
Joanne Schwartz (D) Burlington
Rita M. Rothberg (R) Cape May
Celeste Riley (D) Cumberland
Mary Melfi (R) Hunterdon
Paula Sollami Covello (D) Mercer
Nancy Pinkin (D) Middlesex
Christine Giordano Hanlon (R) Monmouth
Ann F. Grossi (R) Morris
Danielle Ireland Imhof (D) Passaic
Joanne Rajoppi (D) Union
Holly Mackey (R) Warren
Name and Party County
Mildred S. Scott (D) Middlesex
Name and Party County
Michelle Gentek Meyer (D) Camden
Susan Hoffman (R) Hunterdon
Diane Gerofsky (D) Mercer
Claribel Cortes (D) Middlesex
Rosemarie Peters (R) Monmouth
Zoila Cassanova (D) Passaic
Nicki A. Burke (D) Salem
Tina Jalloh (D) Somerset
Name and Party County
Diane Coleman (D) Hudson
Mayors - Cities over 30,000
9.2% of 76 seats

Data as of April 2021.

Two Black women (Michele S. Delisfort, Tiffani A. Worthy) and one Asian Pacific Islander (Susan Shin Angulo) serve as big city mayors.

Name Municipality Population County
Susan Shin Angulo Cherry Hill Township 71,245 Camden
Michele S. Delisfort Union Township 58,488 Union
Theresa Berger Howell Township 51,952 Monmouth
Joann Gattinelli Washington Township 47,753 Gloucester
Jaclyn Veasy Evesham Township 45,188 Burlington
Victoria Kilpatrick Sayreville 44,173 Middlesex
Tiffani A. Worthy Willingboro Township 32,005 Burlington
Mayors - Cities less than 30,000
19.4% of 489 seats

Data as of April 2021.

Name Municipality County
Kim Horton Absecon City Atlantic
Janis Mcgovern Andover Township Sussex
Loretta Gluckstein Atlantic Highlands Borough Monmouth
Patti Harris Barrington Borough Camden
Deborah Buzby-Cope Bass River Township Burlington
Colleen Lambert Beach Haven Borough Ocean
Angie D. Devanney Berkeley Heights Township Union
Phyllis A Magazzu Berlin Township Camden
Janice M. Fields Bernards Township Somerset
Mary Jane Canose Bernardsville Borough Somerset
Vicky Papics Bloomsbury Borough Hunterdon
Theresa Branella Brooklawn Borough Camden
Kerry Peterson Cedar Grove Township Essex
Tracy Ness Chatham Township Morris
Jamila Odom-Garnett Chesilhurst Borough Camden
Janet Hoven Chester Borough Morris
Marcia Asdal Chester Township Morris
Janice Kovach Clinton Town Hunterdon
Kathleen Miller Prunty Cranford Township Union
Abigail O'Brien Deerfield Township Cumberland
Melinda Lannuzzi Demarest Borough Bergen
Carolyn Blackman Dover Town Morris
Debra A. Rivas Eagleswood Township Ocean
Dina M. Grilo East Newark Borough Hudson
Janice S Mironov East Windsor Township Mercer
Lauren Difilippo Edgewater Park Township Burlington
Lisa Jiampetti Egg Harbor City Atlantic
Carolyn King-Sammons Elk Township Gloucester
Danielle Dipaola Emerson Borough Bergen
Colleen Mahr Fanwood Borough Union
Betsy Driver Flemington Borough Hunterdon
Sara Todisco Garwood Borough Union
Kristine Morieko Glen Rock Borough Bergen
Margaret "Peg" Phillips Green Township Sussex
Leila Gilmore Hainesport Township Burlington
Tara Clark Hazlet Township Monmouth
Michele Lee High Bridge Borough Hunterdon
Gayle Brill Mittler Highland Park Borough Middlesex
Carolyn Broullon Highlands Borough Monmouth
Dahlia Vertreese Hillside Township Union
Julie Blake Hopewell Township Mercer
Marlene Lowande Jamesburg Borough Middlesex
Linda Karlovitch Kenilworth Borough Union
Collette J. Kennedy Keyport Borough Monmouth
Adele Starrs Knowlton Township Warren
Julia Fahl Lambertville City Hunterdon
Mary Ann Wardlow Lawnside Borough Camden
Ellen B. Pompper Lower Alloways Creek Township Salem
Gina Laplaca Lumberton Township Burlington
Bettyann Cowling-Carson Magnolia Borough Camden
Christine Serrano Glassner Mendham Borough Morris
Sarah Neibart Mendham Township Morris
Tara B. Prupis Millburn Township Essex
Trina Mehr Milltown Borough Middlesex
Devra Keenan Montgomery Township Somerset
Nicole Gillespie Moorestown Township Burlington
Kristi Hanselmann Mullica Township Atlantic
Linda H Schwager Oakland Borough Bergen
Lydia Dodd Ocean Township Ocean
Dianne Camelo Didio Oradell Borough Bergen
Gina Ragomo Tait Palmyra Borough Burlington
Ladaena D. Thomas Penns Grove Borough Salem
Kyle Russell Pequannock Township Morris
Judy M. Ward Pleasantville City Atlantic
Marjorie Sperry Quinton Township Salem
Deirdre A Dillon Ramsey Borough Bergen
Susan Knudsen Ridgewood Village Bergen
Linda Schaefer Ringwood Borough Passaic
Lorraine M. Hatcher Riverside Township Burlington
Suzanne Cairns Wells Riverton Borough Burlington
Gail Artola Rochelle Park Township Bergen
Peggy Malkin Roosevelt Borough Monmouth
Caryl "Chris" Shoffner South Bound Brook Borough Somerset
Sheena C. Collum South Orange Village Township Essex
Christine Quinn Sparta Township Sussex
Jackie Palmer Spotswood Borough Middlesex
Jennifer Naughton Spring Lake Borough Monmouth
Patricia Zdichocki Stanhope Borough Sussex
Lisa Chammings Stillwater Township Sussex
Judith M. Davies-Dunhour Stone Harbor Borough Cape May
Nora G Radest Summit City Union
Kimberly A. Brown Tabernacle Township Burlington
Dana Desiderio Tewksbury Township Hunterdon
Susan R Marshall Tuckerton Borough Ocean
Lorisue H. Mount Upper Freehold Township Monmouth
Joanne Minichetti Upper Saddle River Borough Bergen
Beth Holtzman Ventnor City Atlantic
Melissa Dabal Wallington Borough Bergen
Carol E. Sabo West Cape May Borough Cape May
Denice Dicarlo West Deptford Township Gloucester
Janet W Tucci West Long Branch Borough Monmouth
Michele Dale West Milford Township Passaic
Shelley Brindle Westfield Township Union
Peg Sickel Woodbury City Gloucester
Melissa D. Rubenstein Wyckoff Township Bergen
County Party Chairs
(5D, 5R)
23.8% of 42 seats

The chair of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee is a man (John Currie). The chair of the New Jersey Republican State Committee is a man (Michael Lavery). 

Name County Party
Amy DeGise Hudson Democrat
Arlene Perez Hunterdon Democrat
Janice S. Mironov Mercer Democrat
Peg Schaffer Somerset Democrat
Dawne Rowe Sussex Democrat
Jacci Vigilante Gloucester Republican
Lisa Richford Mercer Republican
Lucille Panos Middlesex Republican
Laura Ali Morris Republican
Linda DuBois Salem Republican
State Supreme Court
28.6% of 7 seats

Justice Anne Patterson, appointed by Governor Chris Christie and sworn in on September 1, 2011; and Fabiana Pierre-Louis, appointed by Governor Phil Murphy and sworn in on September 1, 2020. Pierre-Louis is the first black woman to serve on the New Jersey Supreme Court.

The first woman to head New Jersey’s highest court was Chief Justice Deborah Poritz; appointed by Governor Whitman, she served from 1996 until she retired in 2006. Whitman also appointed Justice Virginia Long, who served from September 14, 1999 until she retired in March, 2012 and Justice Jaynee LaVecchia, who served from January 26, 2000 until she retired in December 2021. Governor Jon Corzine appointed Justice Helen E. Hoens, who served from October 26, 2006 until October 26, 2013. Judge Mary Catherine Cuff was assigned temporarily to serve on the Court by Chief Justice Stuart Rabner in October 2012. The first woman member of New Jersey’s Supreme Court was Justice Marie L. Garibaldi, who was appointed by Governor Thomas Kean and served from 1982 until 2000.


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