The Women's Vote in the News in 2008 Election

Survey Shows Unmarried Women Driving New American Electorate
Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, October 31, 2008
Anna Greenberg and David Walker

Women Voters: Hard to Get
The Economist, October 23, 2008

Poll: Obama Makes Gains with Women, Hits New High
Time, October 1, 2008
Massimo Calabresi

The Presidential Race Heading into the First Debate
CBS News/New York Times Poll, September 25, 2008
This poll includes analysis of women's views of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Did Palin Help McCain Among White Women?
Gallup, September 24, 2008
Frank Newport

Presidential Race: Dead-Heat Among Women: Palin Pick Boosts McCain
Time Magazine Poll, September 16, 2008
Seth Brohinsky and Mark Schulman

Both Sides Seeking to Be What Women Want
The New York Times, September 15, 2008
Kate Zernike

From Seneca Falls to … Sarah Palin?
Newsweek, September 13, 2008
Julia Baird

Quinnipiac Poll Shows White Women Voters in Play in Swing States
Quinnipiac Poll, September 11, 2008

No Disproportionate Shift in White Women’s Preferences: Gallup Poll September 11, 2008
Gallup, September 11, 2008
Frank Newport, Jeffrey M. Jones, and Lydia Saad

White Women and Movability
ABC News, September 9, 2008
Gary Langer

Dead Heat: John McCain, Barack Obama Even in Post-Convention Poll
ABC News/Washington Post Poll, September 8, 2008
Gary Langer

The Woman Factor, September 7, 2008
Ruth B. Mandel and Debbie Walsh

Will the Abortion Issue Help or Hurt McCain?
Gallup Poll, September 3, 2008
Lydia Saad

Obama Gains Overall, McCain Among GOP Women
Gallup Poll, September 3, 2008
Frank Newport

Obama Gains Among Former Clinton Supporters
Gallup Poll, September 2, 2008
Frank Newport

Calculated Risk With Female Voters Is Suddenly Even Harder to Calculate
Washington Post, September 2, 2008
Anne E. Kornblut and Juliet Eilperin

Drawing Women's Attention, Maybe Not Allegiance
The New York Times, August 31, 2008
Jackie Calmes

Can Sarah Palin Appeal to White, Female Independents?
Gallup, August 29, 2008
Frank Newport

Gender Gap Among White Voters Bigger Now Than in 2004
Gallup, August 18, 2008
Frank Newport

New Poll Reveals Where Women Voters Stand Post-Hillary
the polling company™, inc./WomanTrend and Lake Research Partners, August 5, 2008
Kellyanne Conway and Celinda Lake

The SES Factor (socioeconomic status), February 19, 2008
Gary Langer

Super Tuesday - Proportions of Men and Women Voting for Hillary Clinton
Center for American Women and Politics, 2008
This CAWP fact sheet lists proportions of men and women voting for Hillary Clinton in primary states on super Tuesday, February 5, 2008.

Young Feminists Split: Does Gender Matter?
Washington Post, January 11, 2008
Eli Saslow

Clinton Propelled by Support from Young Women in '08 Test
Pew Research Center Survey Report, October 31, 2007

Women Key to Growing Clinton Lead Among Democrats
Gallup, October 29, 2007
Jeffrey M. Jones

Clinton Shows Femininity to Court Key Constituency
The Boston Globe, October 18, 2007
Marcella Bombardieri

Encouraged by Women's Response, Clinton Stresses the Female Side
Washington Post, October 14, 2007
Anne E. Kornblut

Clinton-Obama Quandry for Many Black Women
The New York Times, October 14, 2007
Katharine Q. Steele

In a Clinton vs. Guilliani race, a Battle of Competing Legacies
ABC News/Washington Post Poll, October 3, 2007