Women Sweep Primaries in Wyoming, Poised to Elect First Woman to the U.S. Senate

Congressional primaries were held on Tuesday in three states: Alaska, Florida, and Wyoming. Due to the reliance on mail-in voting, many races remain too close to call, so this post will be updated as results are determined. Full context about women in the 2020 elections,...Read more

Republican Women Look to Primary Nominees in Georgia and Minnesota for Possible Pick-Ups in November

Congressional and statewide primaries were held on Tuesday in four states: Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont, and Wisconsin. In addition, primary runoff elections were held in Georgia. Hawaii also held its congressional primaries on Saturday, August 8 th . Due to the reliance on...Read more

Asian or Pacific Islander (API) and Middle Eastern or North African (MENA) Women Candidates in 2020

The Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) has tracked women’s political candidacies for three decades. Since 2004, CAWP has collected women candidates’ racial identification, relying primarily on candidate self-identification. This year, we are reporting this data pre-...Read more