Application Requirements

1. Project Abstract: 

Applicants should submit an abstract of no more than 300 words to provide an overview of their proposed project. 

2. Project Proposal

  • Project Overview: In no more than two single-spaced pages, applicants should outline their proposed research question(s), methodology, and research design. Project overviews should also include a discussion of the practical implications of this research project and how the applicant will translate their research findings for practitioner and public audiences.

  • Research Timeline: Applicants should provide a timeline for research that includes anticipated start and end dates, with key milestones included. The timeline should align with applicants’ budget justification and expenses.

  • Budget Justification: Applicants should provide a research budget that provides the total amount of money requested and explains how that budget will be allocated in order to support the research project. Budgets for each proposal should be capped at $10,000 for graduate students and $30,000 for faculty/post-graduates. Please be sure to calculate and clearly label the total amount of your budget request. See the FAQs for additional information about what costs are eligible for coverage.

3. Applicant Profile

Applicants should provide a copy of their CV as well as a brief (one to two paragraphs) summary of experience relevant to the proposed research project. Individual contact information for all applicants on a collaborative project should be provided. Collaborators should describe here the benefits they anticipate from the proposed collaboration. Graduate student applicants should also include the name and contact information for their department’s director of graduate studies.


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