Women's Legislative Caucuses

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Women's Legislative Caucuses

Louisiana Legislative Women's Caucus

The Louisiana Legislative Women's Caucus is a formal, bipartisan caucus that comprises the women in the Louisiana Legislature who share a collective mission to: (1) prepare the next generation of women leaders and (2) serve as the premiere voice and leading monitor of issues, legislation and policies that affect women. The Caucus also sponsors outreach efforts through a non-profit foundation and "Women of Excellence" awards. Members meet every other week during session and at an annual retreat outside of session.

Illinois Council of Women Legislators (COWL)

The Conference of Women Legislators is a non-profit organization that encourages female legislators from both sides of the aisle to work in a bi-partisan fashion to advance the interest of all women, children and families through state, local and federal initiatives. The Council serves as a forum for Illinois women legislators to join with colleagues in workshops and roundtables to discuss issues of concern in the state.

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