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Vote Run Lead

Vote Run Lead trains women to run for office and win, reaching over 55,000 women across America. Our alumni serve on city councils, county boards, state houses, supreme courts, and Congress. We unleash the political power of women as voters, candidates, and leaders to create and sustain an equitable democracy.

Launched in 2014, today, Vote Run Lead is four times the size of our start, reaching tens of thousands of women—nearly 60% of whom are women of color and 20% of whom are from rural America.

Valley Leadership Institute

Valley Leadership Institute is an annual nine-month program for fifty Greater Phoenix area leaders to learn about community-related topics while developing leadership skills and cultivating personal and professional relationships. Selected participants meet once a month and go on to serve in public office, lead corporations and champion community organizations.

The Dodie Londen Series

The Dodie London Series is an expansion program of the Richard C. Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series, founded in 1989 to encourage, mentor and prepare selected women leaders to seek new levels of involvement in government and politics.  The Arizona program began in 2007 to increase the number and influence of Arizona's Republican women in government and politics.

Scottsdale Leadership

Founded in 1987, Scottsdale Leadership offers a core nine-month community leadership development program.  Forty participants are selected each year to learn about the issues facing Scottsdale, develop the leadership skills needed to make an impact, and build a network of resources to help them effect change.  Programs sessions occur one day every other week, ranging from education presentations and field trips to participation in class or community projects.

Mesa Leadership Training and Development Program

The Mesa Leadership Training and Development Program works to cultivate leadership through education, exposure to the community, and interaction between class members. Through ten once-monthly seminars, particpants learn about area issues like history, business and economics, criminal justice, city government, the arts, education, social issues, and leadership. Participants meet and shadow area leaders and many have gone on to pursue public office, serve on city boards and commissions, and/or serve as community leaders in other sectors.

Greater Tuscon Leadership

Greater Tucson Leadership exists to inform, educate and sensitize current and emerging leaders about key issues affecting Greater Tucson and to encourage public dialogue and involvement within the community. The Leadership Education Program is held in the spring and fall each year. Classes are held every other Friday for five months. Classes in the spring run January through May, and in the fall August through December. Each program begins with an overnight retreat. Locations for class meetings vary based upon the topic for the day.

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