Women's Political Power Map

Resources across the country for women interested in running for office, working on political campaigns, or holding appointive office. 

Map of the United States.

Locate state-based and national resources for women interested in elected or appointed office or work on political campaigns. Find leadership development and campaign training programs, political action committees, and organizations and programs committed to supporting and encouraging women in politics.

Need more ideas on how to get involved? Check out the Women's Definitive Guide to Getting Political by CAWP associate director Jean Sinzdak.

If you know of other organizations to add to our list or have updates to our information, please contact Cai Barias.

Program State(s) Party
Florida Federation of Republican Women

The Florida Federation of Republican Women (FFRW) is a chapter of the National Federation of Republican Women, committed to political education and grassroots involvement to promote the Republican Party and its candidates.  The FFRWs state and county leadership teams have developed grassroots, fundraising, and leadership training efforts to support Republican candidates, in addition to promoting women candidates for office and fostering local and state leaders.

Florida Rep
Florida NOW

National Organization for Women

NOW chapters focus on six priority issues including reproductive rights, ending sex discrimination/constitutional equality, promoting diversity and ending racism, economic justice, stopping violence against women, and LGBTQIA rights. 

Florida Nonpartisan
Florida Women's Legislative Caucus

The Florida Women's Legislative Caucus is a formal, bipartisan, bicameral caucus of women legislators.

Florida Nonpartisan
Fund Her

Fund Her is the political action committee dedicated to electing progressive women to lead our states. Fund Her provides the missing piece: the financial support to ensure progressive, accomplished women are well-positioned to win.

California Dem
GALvanize USA

GALvanize brings women together to learn, share ideas, and support each other to make a real difference in our country and our communities.

National Nonpartisan
Gender Balanced Appointments Act

The Gender Balanced Appointments Act establishes that all appointments to boards, commissions, committees and councils of the state be gender balanced to the extent possible. If balance is not possible, then significant representation is expected.

Illinois Nonpartisan
Gender Parity Legislation

Currently, nine states have legislation requiring or encouraging gender parity on state and/or local boards and commissions: CT, IA, IL, MT, ND, NH, RI, UT, and WV.

National Nonpartisan
Generation Ratify

Generation Ratify is the youth-led movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and advance gender equality in the United States of America. Its mission is to build a coalition of young people across the country leading an intersectional feminist revolution that empowers and advocates for the full equality of young women, non-conforming, non-binary, femme, and Queer folx.

Georgia Federation of Democratic Women

The National Federation of Democratic Women (NFDW) supports the inclusion of women's voices in the Democratic Party. NFDW chapters promote Democratic Party goals and candidates and works to unite women party members behind them. 

Georgia Dem
Georgia Federation of Republican Women

The Georgia Federation of Republican Women advocates on issues important to women, financially supports and activates grassroots efforts in electing Republicans, trains and helps to elect women in office and on the campaign trail, and keeps updated on national issues and efforts through their affiliation with the National Federation of Republican Women.

Georgia Rep
Georgia Legislative Women's Caucus

Founded in 1990, the formal bipartisan, bicameral Georgia Legislative Womens Caucus brings women members of the Georgia House and Senate together to work on issues important to Georgian women and families.  The group meets weekly to discuss Caucus business.

Georgia Nonpartisan
Georgia Women’s Policy Institute (GWPI)

YWCA of Greater Atlanta

Women from diverse backgrounds are selected to participate in a year-long Institute to learn how to develop and support policy proposals that impact the lives of women and girls in Georgia. GWPI provides intensive leadership, advocacy and civic engagement training for a cohort of fellows, who work collaboratively to select, develop and implement a real world policy project. 

Georgia Nonpartisan
Georgia's WIN List

Georgia's WIN List is a political action committee that provides financial, strategic and political support to Democratic women running for election to the Georgia General Assembly and statewide office. Georgia's WIN List has partnered with EMILYs List to provide trainings for potential women candidates.

Georgia Dem
Get Her Elected

Get Her Elected (GHE) is an initiative where people from all over the world offer their skills pro bono to progressive women candidates running for office at all levels of U.S. government. Skill sets from current volunteers include everything from writing, editing, and graphic design to web design, data analysis, and fundraising strategy. By having people with these backgrounds fill in these gaps for no charge, GHE aims to level the playing field and allow progressive women candidates to focus on bigger issues within their campaigns.

Grassroots Campaign Training

California Democratic Party

The California Democratic Party regularly hosts two-day comprehensive campaign trainings for grassroots activists across the state with locations throughout the state. Trainings are not necessarily geared towards candidates, but candidates do attend and have called the programs very beneficial in starting to plan their campaigns.

California Dem
Greater Kansas City Women's Political Caucus

The Greater Kansas City Women's Political Caucus, an affiliate of the National Women’s Political Caucus, is a multipartisanmulticulturalgrass roots organization dedicated to increasing women’s participation in politics and creating a power base designed to achieve equality for all women.

Missouri Nonpartisan
Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge

Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge is an annual traveling symposium designed to bring together women leaders from global corporations, small business, academia, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Through the course of the year, the group is exposed to critical issues confronting their communities, state and nation.  Each year, a limited number of outstanding women leaders are accepted into program membership. The participants meet for four three-day session combining continuing education in leadership development, information and major discussion of state policy issues, and exposure to the philosophies and thoughts of the states business, cultural, educational and political leaders.

Missouri Nonpartisan
Greater Tuscon Leadership

Leadership Institute

Greater Tucson Leadership exists to inform, educate and sensitize current and emerging leaders about key issues affecting Greater Tucson and to encourage public dialogue and involvement within the community. The Leadership Education Program is held in the spring and fall each year. Classes are held every other Friday for five months. Classes in the spring run January through May, and in the fall August through December. Each program begins with an overnight retreat. Locations for class meetings vary based upon the topic for the day. Each class contains approximately 35 students.The faculty is drawn from recognized Tucson leaders and the program is presented with a nonpartisan and impartial approach to critical community issues.

Arizona Nonpartisan
Gubernatorial Appointments Project

South Carolina Women In Leadership (SCWIL)

SC Women in Leadership launched the Gubernatorial Appointments Project (GAP) to provide information about appointed positions at the local and state levels.

South Carolina Nonpartisan
Hawaii Women's Legislative Caucus

This Hawaii Women's Legislative Caucus is formal, bipartisan, and bicameral caucus that presents a legislative agenda to the leadership and the governor at the start of each legislative session.  The Caucus' legislative agenda focuses on women, children, and families. All women legislators are members.

Hawaii Nonpartisan