Women's Political Power Map

Resources across the country for women interested in running for office, working on political campaigns, or holding appointive office. 

Map of the United States.

Locate state-based and national resources for women interested in elected or appointed office or work on political campaigns. Find leadership development and campaign training programs, political action committees, and organizations and programs committed to supporting and encouraging women in politics.

Need more ideas on how to get involved? Check out the Women's Definitive Guide to Getting Political by CAWP associate director Jean Sinzdak.

If you know of other organizations to add to our list or have updates to our information, please contact Cai Barias.

Program State(s) Party
Women's Republican Club of Lancaster County


The Women's Republican Club of Lancaster County's mission is to support and strengthen the Republican Party, to advance women in political knowledge and activity, and to promote honest government and unselfish patriotism.

Pennsylvania Rep
Women's Taking Action in Politics (TAP) Fund

The Women's TAP (Taking Action in Politics) Fund is a non-partisan PAC operating in western New York whose goal is to elect qualified, pro-choice, pro-ERA, pro-child care women to local and state office.

New York Nonpartisan

WomenCount is a non-profit progressive political organization that gives women of all generations and backgrounds from around the United States a voice in the political process through campaigns, political advocacy, and fundraising for candidates.

National Dem

WomenElect is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that helps women who support reproductive rights build their financial and volunteer networks and fully understand the process of running for elected office. WomenElect offers extended, in-depth training and coaching process that focuses onteaching the unique skills required of candidates for elected office, including, but not limited to, fundraising, public speaking, image development, press/media relations, and leadership development. WomenElect has a network of chapters across New York State.

New York Nonpartisan
Womens Legislators of Maryland

The Maryland Legislative Women's Caucus is a bipartisan, bicameral women's caucus that sets a legislative agenda. The Caucus has also worked to recruit women candidates in the past, when seats are available.

Maryland Nonpartisan
Womens Republican Club of Saratoga County

The Republican Women’s Club of Saratoga County encourages the active participation of women in the political process. We work to facilitate camaraderie and networking among Republican women, foster and encourage loyalty to the Republican Party, and promote its ideals.

New York Rep

Women Win supports all girls and women, and more intentionally those from minority and underrepresented communities such as black, indigenous, mestizas, people of color, and LGBTQI+.

Wyoming L.E.A.D

Wyoming Agriculture Leadership Council (WALC)

The Wyoming L.E.A.D. Program develops individuals who want to be agricultural and rural leaders. Through a series of in-state seminars, and a national and international seminar, participants network with experts to learn about agriculture and natural resource issues and opportunities.

Wyoming Nonpartisan
Wyoming NOW

National Organization for Women

NOW chapters focus on six priority issues including reproductive rights, ending sex discrimination/constitutional equality, promoting diversity and ending racism, economic justice, stopping violence against women, and LGBTQIA rights. 

Wyoming Nonpartisan
Wyoming Women's Legislative Caucus

The bi-partisan Wyoming Womens Legislative Caucus offers regular gatherings, a speakers bureau, candidate development, and an intern/aide program to encourage more Wyoming women to run for office. Members of the Caucus have participated in gatherings and workshops to share their experiences in running for and serving in political office. 

Wyoming Nonpartisan
Yellowstone County Republican Women's Club

Yellowstone County Republican Women's objective is to promote an informed electorate, and to increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through active participation.  

Montana Rep
York Federation of Democratic Women

The York County Federation of Democratic Women (YCFDW) promotes the appointment and election of Democratic women to responsible positions within all branches of government, encourages the advancement of women in both the public and private sectors, and advocates the core values of the Democratic Party.

Pennsylvania Dem
Young Women’s Political Leadership Program

Running Start

Running Start’s Young Women’s Political Leadership Program (YWPL) introduces high school girls to the power of political leadership.  The program is open to high school girls entering 9th grade through those who will have just graduated.  We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization encouraging girls to lead from every background and ideology.

National Nonpartisan
Youth Native Women's Leadership Academy

Native Action Network

Beginning in 2010, the Native Action Network holds an annual two-day Youth Native Women's Leadership Academy designed to empower young women as they continue their journey to become leaders of their community. Through hands-on training, participants learn how to advocate for an issue and inspire positive change, while being instilled with Native and community values. Native women who are juniors and seniors in high school through college sophomores are encouraged to apply. Upon completion of the program, participants will be welcomed into an alumni network of Native women community leaders.

Washington Nonpartisan