Women's Political Power Map

Resources across the country for women interested in running for office, working on political campaigns, or holding appointive office. 

Map of the United States.

Locate state-based and national resources for women interested in elected or appointed office or work on political campaigns, made possible with support from the Hunt Alternatives Fund. Find leadership development and campaign training programs, political action committees, and organizations and programs committed to supporting and encouraging women in politics.

Need more ideas on how to get involved? Check out the Women's Definitive Guide to Getting Political by CAWP associate director Jean Sinzdak.

If you know of other organizations to add to our list or have updates to our information, please contact Chelsea Hill.

Program State(s) Party
Campaign Skills Seminars

Miami-Dade County Ethics Commissoin

The Miami-Dade County Ethics Commission provides training sessions for declared candidates or those working on campaigns, addressing the Ethical Campaign Practices Ordinance, campaign contributions, post-election audits, prohibited uses of public funds, and other requirements related to expending public funds.

Florida Nonpartisan
Campaign Training

Illinois Democratic County Chairmen's Association

The Illinois Democratic County Chairmen's Association holds half-day training programs for campaign workers, local candidates, and people who are politically engaged in preparation for general election campaigns. All participants must commit to helping to elect Democrats in the upcoming election. 

Illinois Dem
Campaign Training

Michigan Democratic Party

The Michigan Democratic Party offers in-person trainings focused on leadership training and issues related to campaigning for state House and Senate candidates and officers of local parties, clubs and caucuses.  The Party also offers online trainings to candidates interested in running in the state.  Trainings are usually scheduled about a month in advance, with information posted online or available from the Party office.

Michigan Dem
Campaign Training

New Mexico Democratic Party

The New Mexico Democratic Party runs both comprehensive and single-focus trainings throughout the year. Trainings, which cover topics like vote building, canvassing, phone banking, targeting, effective messaging and more, are posted online as scheduled.

New Mexico Dem
Campaign Training

Pennsylvania Democratic Party

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party runs several trainings throughout the year on a variety of topics related to campaigning, including finances, media, and grassroots organization. Any interested Pennsylvania Democrat should contact the Party's political director for information and schedules.

Pennsylvania Dem
Campaign Training

Rhode Island Republican Party

The Rhode Island Republican Party holds campaign trainings during election years, varying in topic and focus.  Trainings are offered for registered Republicans or declared candidates in the state.   

Rhode Island Rep
Campaign Training

Texas Republican Party

The Texas Republican Party provides campaign training throughout Texas upon request. One to two hour trainings can be scheduled for groups or individuals through the Party's political director. The Texas GOP also provides online training videos accessed with a passcode provided by the party. All trainings are open to Texas Republicans. Eight-hour candidate training sessions are also available through the Party before the filing deadline, after the filing deadline, and before the general election. 

Texas Rep
Campaign Training

Wyoming Democratic Party

The Wyoming Democratic Party runs multiple trainings each year for potential and current candidates, typically half-day sessions covering a variety of topics.

Wyoming Dem
Campaign Training

Lillian's List

Founded in 1998, Lillian's List is an independent political committee dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic women to the North Carolina General Assembly. Lillian's List runs a 1-3 day campaign training every year in conjunction with EMILY's List for pro-choice Democratic women who are running or thinking about running for the General Assembly.

North Carolina Dem
Campaign Training and Assistance

Colorado Farm Bureau

The Colorado Farm Bureau periodically assists members interested in running for a public office by hosting candidate training sessions where members receive  information on campaign organization, fundraising and message development.  These trainings are included in the organization's political education efforts and are consistent with the American Farm Bureau's campaign management training model.

Colorado Nonpartisan
Campaign Training Program

Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, University of Virginia

The Sorensen Institute's Candidate Training Program (CTP) is an intensive, four-day program focused on the fundamentals of a winning campaign for office. Participants explore the nuts and bolts of building a strong campaign from the ground upall within the context of ethics and principled public service. Applicants should be Virginia residents eligible for and considering a bid for office; many graduates have gone on to serve in elected office around the Commonwealth.

Virginia Nonpartisan
Campaign Training Seminars

Campaigns and Elections Magazine

Campaigns & Elections magazine offers non-partisan campaign training seminars throughout the year for students and volunteer campaign operatives from all over the U.S. The trainings cover necessary campaign skills as well as contacts that often translate into business opportunities. Begun in 1983, these seminars provide a forum for campaign professionals to share their knowledge and experiences and for participants to engage in industry-wide networking. Most are held in Washington, DC.

District of Columbia Nonpartisan
Campaign Trainings

American Majority

Founded in 2008, American Majority is a national non-profit, nonpartisan training institute with national headquarters in Purcellville, VA and state offices in Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Texas.  American Majority programs bring the expertise and knowledge-base of national politicos, campaign strategists, communication consultants, and seasoned organizers directly into local communities with four tracks of training: Candidate Training, Activist Training, Campus Majority, and the Fellowship Program. Each track offers a number of unique courses to prepare participants to run for office or work for campaigns or in politics. The calendar of scheduled trainings is available on the American Majority website. 

Arkansas Nonpartisan
Campaign Trainings

Colorado Democratic Party

The Colorado Democratic party  provides campaign trainings at least once per year, often in conjunction with elections and party re-organization. Program format varies by training type, with some offered to any Colorado Democrat seeking more information on political campaigns and others provided to candidates and/or campaign professionals.   

Colorado Dem
Campaign Trainings

Connecticut Democrats

The Connecticut Democratic Party offers as-needed candidate training programs, typically one day,  that provide preparation and knowledge to campaign staff and/or individuals who have already declared their candidacy for public office.

Connecticut Dem
Campaign Trainings

Republican Party of Connecticut

The Republican Party of Connecticut provides campaign training for GOP candidates and staffers running for office or preparing for future bids including: -- day-long full campaign training each election cycle for all known GOP candidates and committee members on media, budget, get-out-the-vote, and communications skills and strategies/  -- day-long one-on-one training for candidates and committee members providing necessary tools to run for and serve in political office/  day-long trainings each election cycle for campaign treasurers for Connecticut GOP candidates/ -- new media training to educate candidates on social networking interfaces such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

Connecticut Rep
Campaign Trainings

Delaware Democratic Party

The Delaware Democratic Party provides a day-long training about once a month for already-declared Democratic candidates and their staffs. The training curriculum varies from session to session based on the candidates' needs and the prevailing political climate.

Delaware Dem
Campaign Trainings

Georgia Democratic Party

The Georgia Democratic Party offers trainings during election years to campaign practitioners and declared candidates running on the Democratic platform.

Georgia Dem
Campaign Trainings

Hawaii Republican Party

The Hawaii Republican Party holds periodic trainings on topics including finance, communications, fundraising, grassroots, and campaign management for potential candidates, declared candidates, and campaign practitioners. Training session schedules and eligibility are posted online.  

Hawaii Rep
Campaign Trainings

Idaho Republican Party

The Idaho Republican Party holds two-day campaign trainings to assist declared Republican candidates for office once every two years before general elections.  

Idaho Rep